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Narrow Aisle - Flexi Lite

0 hours, transmission, Electric

The Flexi concept in an even more compact package Create up to 30% more warehouse capacity Flexi LITE has been designed to provide the maximum level of storage density. Capable of working in just 1642mm (Euro) or 1762mm (ISO) aisles - to FEM/BITA GN9 - Flexi LITE provides an economical solution for low bay warehouses, where high lift performance is not required and a more compact articulated forklift truck is more suited to the application. Lift heights over 7.0 metres Flexi LITE brings all the space saving benefits of the Flexi articulated fork lift truck concept to low bay warehouse applications, whilst still providing the potential for a full 1500kg lift capacity and all the proven components of the Flexi G4 range. Block stacking and drive-in racking Flexi LITE features a unique 1060mm wide chassis, plus narrower front axle, allowing block stacking of 800mm wide Euro pallets. Additionally, Flexi LITE is ideally suited to drive in racking operations. Flexible Operation The Flexi Lite articulated forklift truck does not require guide rails and can pick up pallets in goods receiving areas and put away, pick full pallets and place them into picking locations, or transport to road vehicles.

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